Homemade Features To Preserve Your Pen Collection

If you keep a steady supply of pens on hand for clients to use when filling out paperwork, it may be disconcerting to watch the number of pens dwindle in size, due to people failing to return them. Being preoccupied can result in being forgetful, especially if a pen possesses a classic style that a user may absentmindedly toss into their bag or purse, due to the pen resembling one of their own. Read More 

Creating a Home Winterization Shopping List

There's nothing like a seasonal trip to the local hardware store. If you are a homeowner, then you know that there's no end to the work required to keep your home looking great and standing strong. Every season brings its challenges, but winter can be a particularly tricky time for houses. Many homeowners find themselves repairing damage caused by the ravages of winter once spring rolls around, but some proper preparation can help to ensure frustrating fixes around the house don't mar your spring. Read More